Investment Advisor

Additional Thoughts About Investment Advisor Services



Your financial stability and independence is very important to me.  My “business friends” have repeatedly asked me to assist them with their money management due to the high level of trust that they have in me.  They know that I have an “I care for you” attitude which gives them great peace of mind. 

Why Have Jeffrey R. Jacobs Assist You?


Jeff has the knowledge to assist you in turning your dreams into realities. 

Jeff can advise you on the tax implications of your investments.

 Jeff’s services are fee compensated.  He does not sell any brokerage or investment products and he does not receive any commissions.  This eliminates certain conflicts of interest that might be present if commissions were received as compensation. 

 As a CPA, Jeff adheres to a high code of professional ethics.

 Jeff does not utilize market timing strategies.  Jeff employs a disciplined investment approach that over time should produce the desired results that you and he have mapped out.

 Jeff is committed to assisting you in gaining and maintaining your financial independence.  With this financial independence: 

You can decide whether you work or retire.
You can have the ability to fund those special wants such as children’s or grandchildren’s education, vacations or vacation homes or other events.


Jeffrey R. Jacobs is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Florida.  Jeff has the knowledge to assist you in your portfolio management, investment strategies and to provide you with the level of service that best meets your needs.


Jeff is selective about those to whom he provides investment advisor services.  It is very important that both you and Jeff agree about your expectations and the possibility of obtaining them.

What You Should Know About a Traditional Stockbroker:


  They are often not concerned about the tax efficiency of your investment choices.  Although tax efficiency should not be the primary criteria in making one’s decision, it should be known.

  They are usually compensated by commission.  Some stockbrokers receive other incentives to recommend buying or selling a product.  This could present a conflict of interest.

  They often are market timing oriented which leads to costly portfolio turnover.  History shows that market timing strategies are ineffective in accumulated wealth over the long term.


A lot of stockbrokers will accept anyone who has money.  Is this the type of individual you want to oversee your financial success?